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Why People Piss You Off

Are there some people or a person in your life that always manages to get under your skin?

You know, the person who makes you angry and has the ability to ruin your day?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

This week I am diving into a little bit of shadow work and more specifically, why people piss you off.

And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about wanting you to like everyone, because the truth is some people just aren’t your people and you don’t gel with them, and that’s ok. What I’m talking about today are those people who piss you off and become the main focus of your attention - and sometimes you don’t even realise it’s happening!

It feels really fun to be diving into some shadow work with you because it’s work I have been doing for years. I learnt early on in my healing journey that I needed to connect with and understand my shadow in order to be truly comfortable within my own skin. And not surprisingly, it also comes up with my clients a lot.

In this episode I am:

💫 breaking down the ways that you can flip the script and get curious about why these people annoy you so much

💫 talking you through what you can do to identify when this is happening, and

💫 most importantly sharing with you how you can move past it so they don’t bother you anymore

If there is a person, or maybe a few people in your life that just seem to have the ability to rile you up, this is a beautiful starting point into shadow work and learning more about the parts of you that you might be hiding from, and most importantly, the parts of you that are the reason someone impacts you so much.

Big Love,

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