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A podcast all about helping you to show up confidently in the world as your unapologetic self and finding the Warrior Within you.

Hey, I’m Jaci. 


In case we haven’t met, I’m a Certified Energy, Trauma, Transformation and Mindset Coach. 


I spent 20 years suppressing my trauma, which continued to build up through more incidents, until one day I couldn’t go on anymore. 


I had built so many subconscious patterns that led me to live a mediocre life where I didn’t feel good enough, pretended to be someone I wasn’t and ultimately wasn’t happy and didn’t love, or even like myself. 


Then one day I arrived at a crossroad where I had two options: 

  1. End my life because the pain I was carrying was too great a burden for me to carry anymore, or

  2. Face my trauma and heal in order to truly live. 


In that moment I made the decision to change my life. I wanted to turn my rock bottom into a life I was proud of. 


Which is exactly what I’ve done. 


My personal and professional experiences have led me to be an expert in trauma and supporting humans who have experienced trauma. 


For the past 12 years I have worked within the trauma field. First as a Police Officer for 7.5 years, then as an Investigation & Risk Assessment Specialist for 3 years, and now a Life Coach (supporting humans who have experienced trauma) for 4.5 years. 


Along with the countless courses and trainings I’ve undertaken (happy to share if you want to know more), I also have the lived experience of what it is to truly heal and release my trauma so that I’m able to live my life as I choose. 


With a very trauma informed approach, it is my absolute privilege to support other humans move beyond their trauma to live life on their terms, in a way that works for them. 

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