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Our Breakup Stories with Jade McKenzie

Have you gone through a breakup?

Chances are you have, and maybe before you experienced your own breakup you were mostly unaware of what it can be like going through heartbreak.

Breakups are one of those things that society has deemed we should be ashamed of and go through behind closed doors. Keep our struggles to ourselves, mourn the loss in private and come out the other side a newer, better version of ourselves.

This week on the podcast, I wanted to start opening up the dialogue around breakup stories.

To do this I am joined by good friend and fellow business owner Jade McKenzie.

Jade is the Founder of Event Head, SHE/CADEMY, Reawakened Women and Beautiful Business Builders, is a 5 x internationally award winning business coach and event professional with over 15 years’ experience in event management and business development in the corporate, not for profit and entrepreneurial sectors (You might remember her from episode 52).

Jade and I are not just sharing the uplifting parts of our breakup stories, we’re also sharing the moments we knew our relationships were going to end, how we navigated our ways through the ups and downs of the breakups and what we would love for you to know from our experiences.

I hope you feel a little less alone or ashamed after listening to this episode.

Big Love,

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