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How True Self Experience Changed My Life

I had originally wanted to record an episode about how True Self Experience has changed me, how it has supported me, how it has shifted my life, and who I was before all of this.

But then it was put to me how incredible it would be if someone else could interview me, put me on the spot a little bit, and just make this more of a fun conversation for you to listen to.

With that being said, it is my privilege to be joined on the podcast this week by my incredible friend, coach and mentor, Sammie Fleming who so graciously agreed to come and interview me!

In this episode, Sammie asked me about:

💞 Who I was before I started my journey with True Self Experience (before this was even a program)

✨ Why I decided that I was going to share this with the world

💖 How it continues to support me

⭐ and What it looks like to decide to be brave


I used to live in circles of go, go, go, pure extroversion and no deep conversations with anyone…and every 6-8 months it would lead to burn out and the cyclical depression that I lived with for 15 years. In these times I would lock myself away, not deal with anything, wait until I felt a little better and then go back to exactly what I was doing before.

I didn’t love myself.

If you meet me now, you probably wouldn’t believe that. I was very disconnected from life and who I was, and I am just so far from that these days.

My journey away from that person and into who I truly am is what gave life to True Self Experience.

I no longer cover my life up with busyness

I no longer look for validation outside of myself

I no longer work myself to the point of exhaustion

I now live out my purpose, am truly content and feel connected to who I am.

If you’re ready to show up for yourself and be supported in stepping into a life you truly love, you can join the next round of True Self Experience here.

Big Love,

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