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Embracing What We Do Not Know

How comfortable are you in discomfort?

How often do you look at your subconscious bias?

When do you admit to any racist / homophobic thoughts or behaviours?

What do you know about pronouns and the people who identify with a different one to yours?

From a young age we are moulded to fit in a certain box, and we reject the parts of ourselves that fall outside the realms of what our family knows.

Potentially you grew up in a family that were never taught or educated on inclusiveness, whether that be race, gender, sexuality or anything else. I know that for a long time I had thoughts and views on things that were quite racist…because that’s all I knew. They were the comments that people around me made.

After realising this, I realised that I needed to do better, and to do that I constantly invest in diversity and inclusion courses, programs and workshops. I put myself out there, and challenge myself to see things through as many different lenses as I can. I pay people to listen to their life experiences, I talk to people and build relationships with people who are different from me.

And let me tell you, my work in diversity and inclusion is far from done! To be honest with you, I don't think it will ever be done. And that’s not something to be ashamed of, it’s an opportunity for me to grow as a human.

This week on the podcast I’m talking about accepting, understanding and embracing things we don’t know.

I want to raise your awareness about accepting what you don’t know and to challenge the subconscious bias that you have.

This episode is all about making you uncomfortable so you can start to embrace and accept what you do not know as a way of deepening and creating a richer life for yourself.

Today I also have a little challenge for you

Think about something you want to learn more about, that can only really be taught by someone who has lived a different life to yours.

Now, go out and do it. Do a google search, consume their content, sign up for their course, build real relationships with people who are different from you.

Imagine how much richer your life would be if you were to spend time learning from and being in conversation with someone who comes from a completely different walk of life to you.

If you don’t know where to start, send me a message over on Instagram (@jaci.rogash) and I’ll give you some direction.

Big Love,

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