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The biggest Challenge in transformation

Anytime we embark on a transformative journey - of any kind - it’s because we are ready to change, to grow, to expand, and ultimately take a step closer to living out our dreams. Because that’s what a transformation is right - transforming, changing, shifting into a new way of being, a different version of yourself, a change.

With change comes obstacles - I wish I could tell you it’s all smooth sailing - but that would be lying. Sorry.

When I say this, not all obstacles are really hard, or heart-breaking or anything like that - but with change comes challenges.

Today I want to talk to you about one of the biggest obstacles / challenges that my clients face, actually that everyone faces (I’m going to be bold and claim it). I know it’s the biggest challenge I face any time I up-level or move through to a new way of being.

And that is RELEASING!

And maybe you’re wondering what I mean by that.

When I talk about release, I’m talking about

  • Releasing what was

  • releasing old ways of being

  • Releasing things that don’t serve us

  • Releasing the thoughts that have kept us stuck

  • Releasing the baggage and heaviness we carry around

  • Releasing relationships that no longer serve us

  • Releasing stories we have about ourselves, who we are and what is possible for us

Basically I'm talking about LETTING GO!!!

Humans have this really interesting habit that shows up all the time, of trying to control things.

I put my hand up and say I like to be in control and know what’s happening and have things in order etc - and I used to also spend so much energy trying to control things that were out of my control.

And I’m wondering if you’re the same?

Have you ever spent too much time thinking about or questioning someone else’s actions?

Or maybe you want someone to respond to a situation a certain way and if they don’t you can’t let it go.

And here’s the really great one - you want to move on to the next stage of your life but you just can’t let go of your past and try to live the same way - but also a different way at the same time.

THIS is you trying to control what the next phase of your life looks like.

You need to let go!!!

When you’re going through a transformation, there is going to be some time where things feel messy - hence I call it the messy middle.

You’re not where you want to be and you’re not where you once were, and you’re kind of in this place where you have no control over what’s happening and need to surrender to what will be.

In other words, you need to release your control on how your transformation is going to take place and trust that it will unfold exactly as it is meant to.

This is certainly easier said than done.

In the past 2 years I have been through 4 major transformations - and every time there has been moments where I’ve tried to hang on to my past self, or tried to control what the next step looks like.

And every time I get a very not so subtle reminder that I don’t get to control this.

Everything will unfold as it is meant to, when it is meant to.

This is not always an easy pill to swallow. Especially for a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser.

The reason that it can be so hard to release what was is because it means stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. And the unknown can be scary AF!!! It is scary AF - especially if we choose to look at it this way.

There are ways to really play with and enjoy / look forward to the unknown 0 but that’s for another episode.

Anyway, back to releasing.

In everything I do I work through a process, my soul framework.

Release is the second step in this process, but is also something that should continually be done.