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Behind the Scenes of True Self Experience

Today I’m taking you on a little journey behind the scenes into my amazing program True Self Experience.

I feel it’s important to share with you my WHY first, so why did I create TSE?

  • I wanted to serve more people in a deeper way, richer way

  • I wanted to create a sacred space for women to come together and share and grow and be surrounded by other people who are on a similar path. Because sometimes when we're doing the inner work, the self-development, it can feel quite lonely. So this space was created to provide a space where you can be fully seen and supported by people who are on a very similar mission

  • I realised my 1:1 clients were experiencing similar challenges and needed to learn certain aspects and the lessons that continually popped up, form part of the foundations of TSE.

  • I wanted to create a longer experience. Prior to creating TSE, I had a 5-week coaching program, but I really really wanted a longer experience, so that my clients would experience more growth, and be supported by me for longer.

What are the results?

  • Throughout our journey together I share my soul framework which means by the end of it you can self coach yourself through any situation. My soul framework is what I use every day, all the time to support myself to navigate life. This is what I used when I was at my darkest to move out of that and into the life I have now, and it's also what I use for the small things. This framework helps you with big challenges, and also with the little things.

  • People come away with more confidence and a deeper understanding of who they are. Once you gain confidence in who you are, it's easier to be more confident in how you show up because you're more connected with what you want, what you need and what you believe in. This also creates a real calmness and removes the need for external validation. You've got your own back.

  • Remove drama and rumination on the past. After TSE the things my clients used to dwell on just become a part of who they are. They're no longer things that hold them back, and this means that you're no longer living through the same cycles.

  • One of the things that brings me the most joy seeing is when my clients work out what genuinely makes them happy and how they can support themselves through any situation. They work out why they're unhappy, or what's out of alignment or what's missing and move through these discoveries and into their joy.