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The FREE workshop to let go of the self sabotaging behaviour keeping you stuck, and create game-changing habits to make you the boss of your life. 

Wednesday 13th April 2022, 7:00pm AEST

This FREE workshop is for you if you tick one or more of these boxes…

✨ You keep trying to uplevel your life and achieve your goals but find yourself always falling back into bad habits

✨ You are ready to shift away from a negative, doubtful and unsupportive mindset but also keep telling yourself “But it’s not possible for me to [insert what you most want here]”

✨ You want to get healthy and feel more energised, but every time you feel like you’re making progress, the chocolate or ice cream just appears in your fridge

✨ You want to prioritise self-care and joy, but by the time you’ve worked through your to-do list you’re completely exhausted

✨ You watch Netflix or scroll through your phone only to find yourself asking “Why am I wasting my time?”

Our habits are the things we do automatically, without thinking. Some of our habits are supportive and some aren’t so supportive. When we try to change our habits it can feel so hard and we find ourselves making changes in the short term but not being able to make anything stick.

During this FREE workshop, I’ll explain more about self-sabotage and why it shows up for you. We'll look at the bad habits that keep you feeling like shit, then work through the exact process I use to create supportive and aligned habits. This process is so straightforward that you’ll be able to start making changes INSTANTLY.

I’ll teach you & guide you through... 

❣️How to create and implement aligned habits that enable you to bring your big goals to life

❣️What self-sabotage is, how it works, and how it shows up uniquely for YOU

❣️What habits are keeping you stuck and stopping you from achieving your goals

Have you been part of my challenges or workshops before? If you have, you’ll know that I don’t muck around when it comes to delivering easy to understand, actionable and practical advice (in a short amount of time because I know how busy you are). 

This workshop will give you tools you can keep coming back to, so I’ve created a bonus workbook for you to make notes in and refer back to whenever you need. 

You MUST be registered to join the workshop and receive the workbook.

I know you keep looking at all these incredible people doing amazing things, creating a life they love, looking after themselves and glowing from the inside out, and thinking “Why can’t that be me?” 

It absolutely can be.


FREE Workshop: Aligned Habits

Let go of the self sabotaging behaviour keeping you stuck, and create game-changing habits to make you the boss of your life.

Wednesday 13th April 2022, 7:00pm AEST



Transformation and Mindset Coach and Mentor, new mum, recovering perfectionist, fun seeker and human on a mission to find joy in every day. 


Along with my own lived experiences, I’ve spent the last 11 years working in trauma informed roles and am a Certified Coach, which has given me so many invaluable tools that allow me to deeply support my clients move from fear to deep self-trust. 

I live in Melbourne with my partner Chris, our son Hunter and our furbaby Billie Cat. When I find time, you’ll find me at the gym, going on adventures or finding ways to bring joy into my life.


Can't make the live workshop? No worries, you'll get sent a copy of the replay

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