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You’ve already achieved some pretty cool things… and still, you know deep down that you were meant for more! 


What if you could create an unshakable mindset that allowed you to embrace EVERY part of you, every day, allowing yourself to truly shine?

You’ve heard about the epic ways people have completely changed and transformed their life, and you know the power of mindset work, but... 


Even though you feel like you have *most of the tools*, you still haven’t figured out how to actually shift the fears that are keeping you stuck.

The fears that tell you


  • You can’t do that...

  • People will mock me and talk shit behind my back…

  • Life can’t be easy…

  • “You will never have that level of happiness"

The most frustrating thing about getting trapped in that headspace is that you end up falling back into the outdated thoughts and patterns that just don’t support you at all.

The ones that leave you in the “comfortable” and familiar...but not happy.

You know, when you’re sitting at home scrolling through your phone and watching netflix feeling very ‘blah’ about everything, but knowing that nothing can *go wrong* while you’re here.


Or maybe it’s making yourself even more busy.. Doing the washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning and everything else - when what you really need is to stop and breathe and check in with what you need.

The thing is..


There IS a way to move through the fear of the unfamiliar WITHOUT crippling your body and mind with more stress and anxiety

Instead of just pushing through, getting over it and soldiering on (like we all do so well), imagine if you were able to actually understand why your fear is coming up, getting curious about it and moving forward (despite the fear) in a way where nothing feels forced and life just feels a little bit easier. 


Because the reality is, you don’t have to take giant leaps to take action. Sometimes the smallest step forward will give you the greatest results.



When you learn to embrace this skillset, that’s when you...

✔ Feel confident AF in who are you and what you want for yourself - whether that’s getting more visible in your business or communicating your needs with a loved one

✔ Have the tools to get yourself out of a mindset funk with ease

✔ Feel deeply at HOME in who you are and no longer compare yourself to other people

✔ Realise that your potential is completely unlimited and truly believe and *FEEL* that way

✔ Show up as your unapologetic self

Wondering how I know all this is possible for you?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are...

Hi, I’m Jaci.

When I *finally* decided it was time for me to make some SERIOUS changes in my life, I was suspended from the police force, suicidal, feeling like I’d lost ALL my friends and having absolutely no idea of who the fuck I was or what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. 


From the outside world, I came across as a happy-go-lucky chick with all her shit together and not a problem in the world. 

But the truth was I’d become completely detached from who I was and what I wanted from life.

I was living a life that felt ‘fine’, but deep down I knew that I was made for so much more. 


I knew that life really could be amazing, and I could feel a deep

sense of gratitude and love for myself…. 


But I didn’t believe it was possible. 


That’s when I made the decision to stop hiding from the



In making that decision, the first thing I needed to change

was my mindset.


I needed to stop falling back on excuses as to why I

*couldn’t* have the abundance, joy and freedom I desperately

wanted, and find the reasons why I *COULD* have it. 


And the truth of the matter is, I just needed to decide that that

was going to be my reality. I’ve worked in corporate, I’ve worked in emergency services, I’ve worked for the government - and none of that lit me up. If anything it only fuelled my previous patterns because life felt so busy and almost like I was living on autopilot. 


Back then, I did ZERO mindset work, and now it is such a huge part of my everyday life. Seriously, I do some kind of mindset practice every day. 


That’s how I know…

The biggest thing stopping you from waking up feeling confident in who you are and showing up as your unapologetic self is your mindset... 


The mindset work and self belief I’ve created has allowed me to build a coaching business I adore where I help magical humans, just like you, transform their lives forever. I honestly get the biggest high from supporting people as they discover how truly powerful they are. 


And because I love helping other people, I wanted to share with you the tools that I have used and continue to use every day. These are the mindset tools that show me that absolutely anything is possible, and I am the creator of my life. Just as you are the most powerful creator of your life… 


Whether that’s: 

  • Creating and growing your own business

  • Creating deep, nurturing relationships with all of your loved ones

  • Learning how to take care of yourself and those around you or 

  • Having the courage to ask for a promotion or payrise


That’s why I’ve designed the program that I know can change your mindset forever. One where lack of self belief no longer holds you back.


Unshakable Mindset

The 6-week program where you cultivate the mindset tools you need to finally start living up to your potential

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Unshakable Mindset will support you as you embrace all of the magic within yourself, move through the fears that are keeping you *stuck* and allow yourself to truly shine. 


Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to become friends with your inner-critic that keeps telling you “You can’t do that” and finally discover how you can grow into the person you know you are deep down. 


The one who believes you are meant for so much much more. 


The one who embraces their passions and dreams. 



Landing page banner (8).png
Landing page banner (8).png

During your 6 week journey, you’ll…. 


✓ Develop a deeper level of self-awareness and how to come back to you (as well as what ‘coming back to you’ even means)

✓ Create the mindset that sees you not giving up when everything feels *hard* 

✓ Have the ability to move through any fears that show up for you so they no longer stop you in your tracks

✓ Learn that your inner-critic never really goes away, but you can become friends with them

✓ Learn how to love yourself, increase your self-worth and know how to show up confidently

Feel like you can take on the world


Through lots of journaling and the prompts and questions in the workbooks, I was able to really go deep and give myself the compassion, kindness and time I so easily give to others. I lent in to the scary fear-based part of my life and that has helped me come to peace with it.

Jaci is so open and vulnerable as a coach, which really helped me show up and be honest and truthful in my answers.

Amanda Templeton


I made more progress in 5-weeks through the group coaching than I have in the last two years of my healing journey. This is because I was completely supported by Jaci and the other women in the group. The best investment I can ever make is in myself.

I released and resolved the deep pain and hurt that I had been holding on to from my past. Not only did I heal the pain and hurt, but I grew from it and transformed. What was once a deep pain point, became a beautiful lesson.

Susanna Christine


From day 1 of this program, you’ll dive into the areas of your life that you’ve either been avoiding or haven’t been able to move through, meaning you’ll finally start believing in yourself and make meaningful change in your life. 


Here are the details, starting with what we’ll be diving into when you claim your spot in Unshakable Mindset. 


Each week a new module will be released, which will include informative videos, mini-masterclasses and a workbook to support you on your journey. 


These modules have been designed to help you move from where you’re at now to the next phase of your life. You’ll learn how to transform your mindset and self-belief so fear no longer stops you in your tracks, but moreso, propels you forward.



If you want to create lasting mindset shifts, YOU need to become your #1 priority. 


This module will help you check-in with where you’re at currently and look at ways to take better care of yourself starting RIGHT NOW.


The biggest thing holding you back right now is the fear and self-doubt that keeps running around in your head. Maybe you know what it is, and maybe you don’t, but it’s there. It’s there to keep you *safe*, but it’s also keeping you *stuck*. 


This module will bring to light what your limiting beliefs and patterns are, where they come from and how you shift the relationship you have with them, so you feel confident stepping out of your comfort zone.



We all have fears! EVERYONE. 


But what if you were friends with your fears rather than feeling held back and withdrawn because of them? 


In this module, we’ll look at the biggest and most common fears that show up for you in different forms, including: 

  • Fear of judgement & comparisonitis - when you don’t make any decisions without confiding and getting approval from someone else

  • People pleasing - saying yes to the extra workload at work or taking on more clients despite the fact you know you don’t have time to scratch yourself

  • Lack - you worry about what you don’t have. The ‘not enoughness’. Not enoughL money, happiness, love, friends...

  • Failure - what if it doesn’t work? You’ve heard that one before right?


Want to be confident? Then start paying yourself the attention you deserve. 


This module is going to be a little different in that we’re going to start looking at the HUGE impact gratitude and self-love can make in your life. 


You’ll also look at how you can set - and maintain - boundaries with ease and what you need to know to show up as your true self.



You’ve done the hard part, you’ve looked deep within and shifted all the stagnant thoughts and energy running around and now it’s time to expand. 


If you really want to create a life that lights you up, you need to step out of your comfort zone and start embracing the new life you desire. You need to live as if you already have it. In this module you’ll learn my proven mindset tricks in order to do just that.


It’s now time to close out our time together, but NOT stop with the momentum you’ve created over the last 5 weeks. Week 6 is all about getting crystal clear on who you really are, what you actually want and what steps you’re going to take to move the needle forward. 


It is your time to shine!


Before beginning I was trying to find purpose and foster more self love.

I knew I had to say yes and take the opportunity to learn more about myself.

Going into the first week I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. I now feel like I am able to step outside of my comfort zone and am aware of what is blocking me.

Jaci is very warm and kind hearted and has so much valuable wisdom to share. This was such a great first step into the world of self discovery and evaluation.

Penny Evangelistis

I had had enough and I wanted more.

I decided to work with Jaci because I was struggling with my confidence and being able to express myself and who I am.

Through my coaching journey with Jaci I was able to fully reconnect with who I am, my core beliefs and what I want for my life.

I now feel free to fully express myself honestly and openly and I have released my fear of judgement.

Even my friends have commented that I now seem "more me and more sure" and congratulated me on it.

Tennielle Maree

Here's what you get when you join Unshakable Mindset

6 Module Trainings

Released weekly so that you can dive into the work and BUILD on the module prior. There’s no fluff with this content, it’s deep, real strategies that will completely shift your mindset and the way you live. 

(Also shared as transcripts)

($2,000 VALUE)

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6 Workbooks

This is where you do the work and implement what you’ve learnt into your own life. This is your sacred space to uplevel into your unshakable mindset. 

($1,000 VALUE)

Landing page banner (6).png

Lifetime access to Unshakable Mindset

That’s right. It’s yours for as long as this program rungs. Meaning you can come back to this program whenever you choose to.

Landing page banner (5).png

Jaci creates such a warm, safe space and even in a group setting provides everyone so much 1:1 attention. Jaci is a unique and powerful coach who has amazing listening skills and knows just what questions to ask.

Daisy Cross

Give yourself the mindset tools to start living up to your potential

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Payment Plan
Fortnightly Payments of


One payment today followed by 2 fortnightly payments

Upfront Payment
One Time Payment


I looked at Jaci’s website so many times before finally deciding that I was tired of feeling run down, sick and tired, and just fed up with everything.


The first week was a real wake up call, showing me just how I have been treating myself. But I was excited and ready to connect with like-minded women in a supportive environment.


Jaci is an incredible coach. She has an ability to make you feel so supported and heard all of the time. The group coaching environment was incredibly beneficial and the content was amazing

Jilanne Holder

Through doing a lot of deep work, showing up for all the calls and really committing to this experience I have discovered and learnt so much about myself. There have been so many changes in my life and I feel like a completely different person. 


I’m less reactive to situations, am more calm when faced with obstacles and am so excited about my life and what’s to come. I’m now taking initiative for my life and making decisions that will support me in the future. 


Jaci is so easy to talk to and is always supportive, honest and fun. She’s able to bring a lightness to situations which empowered me to be ME. 

Amanda Dibbs

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Amanda Dibbs.jpg

This program was created with you in mind if you want to live a life where:


> You wake up feeling confident in who you are, what you want and are ready to embrace the day 

> You’re able to express yourself in conversations and set boundaries so that you can show up and communicate safely and with confidence, rather than hiding away 

> The opinion of other people no longer bothers you because you love who you are, know what you want your life to look like and know that your loved ones love you 

> You know there are going to be times when you feel flat, uncertain and a little unsure of what’s next, but you’re able to embrace that and understand that that’s the season you need to move through right now

> You’re friends with you inner-critic and embrace fear as something that is meaningful and there to keep you safe and remind you that you’re doing the right thing stepping out of your comfort zone

> You know that no matter what obstacles, challenges and difficult times the world throws at you, you’ve got your own back and are able to move through it. 

For example: 

  • If there’s drama or conflict in your life, You know you don’t need to get involved and are able to support yourself to stay grounded and impartial.

  • A client says no to working with you or something doesn’t go to plan, no worries.  

> You’re grateful for everything you have and everything you’ve lived through because that is what makes you, you. It is these experiences that creates your one unique magic

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If you’ve made it this far, and you’re still deciding whether now’s the time to join Unshakable Mindset…


I’m guessing that hesitation is because you know this work means deciding that you’re not going to hide any longer.


It means deciding to stop suppressing and avoiding unpleasant emotions because it’s *safer*..


And it means finally taking the actions you’ve been resisting out of fear for so long.


Hitting home?


Then I want you to know…

It’s time to step out of the shadows


I know you’re a big hearted human who wants to create the best life for yourself and those around you. 


You’re intelligent, self-aware and motivated to create a better life for yourself. 


You genuinely care about other humans and you have so much love to give. 


And having doubt, fear and hesitation is all part of the process of doing something new (but you probably know that by now). 

And of course, these thoughts from your inner critic are the loudest, when the best things are about to happen.


So, knowing that your inner-critic is always going to be lingering, you can politely tell her to shut up and get out of your way, so you can embrace your brilliance. 


It’s time to stop doubting yourself because You are SO deeply ready for this experience.

Are you ready to give yourself the mindset tools to start living up to your potential

Got what you needed and ready to join?

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Give yourself the mindset tools to start living up to your potential

Upfront Payment
One Time Payment


Payment Plan
Fortnightly Payments of


One payment today followed by 2 fortnightly payments

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Landing page banner (8).png
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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

We acknowledge the Warrandjuri people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional owners of the land where Jaci Rogash Coaching is owned and primarily operated from. We pay our deepest respect to Elders - past, present and emerging

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