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You are unique. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are not alone. 

Love yourself as you are. Stop comparing yourself to "insta models". 

Eliminate your fear of being judged. 



★    You want to look in the mirror and be able to say "I love what I see".

★    You have ideas and thoughts but you're too scared to say them because your friends will judge you.

★    You feel like you don't have anyone to talk to that will understand you.

★    You compare yourself to other people.

★    You sometimes lack self-esteem and motivation, and really want to turn that around.


Are you ready to love yourself for the beauty that you are? 

Yes. You are. I believe in you. 


  • In our first session together, we work through your answers to your questionnaire to see what area of your life you most want to work on. Then we work together to come up with an amazing goal that makes you feel excited and motivated. 

  • I'll ask lots of questions to get you to really focus on you and how you want to feel. 

  • Some questions might be a little bit scary, but no matter what your answer is, you will have my full encouragement and support. 

  • I'll use my own personal experiences, along with my coaching training, to help guide you through a life changing experience. 

  • Through the activities you do during your coaching, you'll rediscover your self-confidence, get motivated and feel great about who you are.  

  • You will no longer compare yourself to other people and you won't care about what others think.

  • To love who you are and not be afraid to express yourself the way you want to.  


  • A pre-coaching questionnaire to get you to start thinking about what you want to focus on.

  • 1 x 30-45 minute coaching session via Zoom, fortnightly over 12 weeks. 

  • Additional worksheets and activities to help you work towards achieving your goal.  

  • Unlimited email support during our coaching series. 

  • The safe space, support and guidance you've been looking for. 

If you're interested in coaching, but you still aren't 100% certain that this is for you, no problem! I offer a free 30 minute discovery call. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better and ask any questions we might have. It also gives you the opportunity to see if I'm the coach for you. 


$132 AUD per month (over 3 months) or $370 AUD (pay upfront)



Fill out your details below to book your discovery call, or you can email me or call me on 0400 689 677. 

You'll be hearing from me soon!


Being a teenager can be really hard. You're a young lady and you feel pressure to look, act, talk and be a certain way. You don't want to upset people if you have a different opinion to them, so you don't say anything. 

Amongst all of this pressure, you are also trying to love your body. You have friends who are size 6 but call themselves "fat", which is annoying. You want to wear a bikini and not wear shorts, but you just can't bring yourself to do it. You worry about what people are saying about you. 

The hardest thing about being a teenager is finding genuine friends. Finding people that you can say anything to and they: won't judge you, won't gossip about you, won't tell other people and won't make fun of you. You just want friends who support you and make you feel great about yourself. 


I've spent a long time working on my self-confidence, loving the way I look and surrounding myself with amazing friends who completely support me and make me a better person.


It would be my absolute pleasure to help you achieve your goal to live a much happier, more confident life!

Get in touch today to organise your free chat. 

I can't wait to meet you. 


Bella 1.jpg

I didn’t know anything about life coaching before and didn’t think it would work, but I was so wrong.

When I began coaching with Jaci, I had very low self-esteem and lacked motivation, which made my life miserable. I was struggling to stay motivated to reach my goal body weight and lacked confidence. I didn’t want to wear a bikini in public or without shorts.

By the end of the coaching series with Jaci, I was confidently wearing a bikini and I didn’t care what other people said. But the biggest change would be that I now look in the mirror and say to myself “Wow. That is me and I love what I see”.

It’s been an absolutely life changing experience.

Bella Hunt


Fun. Happy. Life Changing. 


When I first started coaching, I was having trouble loving myself and my body. I was scared to go shopping for clothes I wanted and was really worried about what people might say or think of me. 


Jaci helped me to love myself more and by the end of my coaching series people noticed I was more confident in myself and I was buying and wearing more clothes that I love. 


Jaci helped me change into a better person and has given me the confidence to express myself through my makeup and fashion. I am so grateful for this journey. It has been completely life changing.  

Georgia Haynes

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