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You’re ready to move on from feeling stuck in your trauma and start living a life where you feel strong, grounded and free. 

You know that your past trauma still impacts the way you live your lie and you're over it


You’ve spent time working on yourself, healing, understanding your inner critic, noticing your patterns of behaviour, but still feel like there’s part of you that can’t fully let go of what happened to you in the past. 

Maybe you’ve experienced and been victim to one or more of these: 

  • Sexual assault / harassment

  • Bullying

  • Domestic violence

  • Stalking

  • Abuse

  • Dated a narcissist 

  • Pregnancy or birth trauma

  • Suddenly lost a loved one

  • Feel like you’ve lost your identity

  • Been abandoned 

  • Discrimination 

  • Or any other kind of trauma


Any kind of trauma you experience will impact you. Sometimes you’re able to move beyond it without too much effort, but sometimes you are deeply impacted by it, to the point you know you have subconscious patterns, behaviours and thoughts that limit you, hold you back, tell you you aren’t good enough and make you feel not good enough. 

No matter what you’re currently navigating or feeling, I want you to know that you are not alone. 

I’ve walked the path you’re currently walking. 

While my experience and journey will obviously be different to yours, I have experienced my fair share of trauma, including: sexual assault, bullying, domestic violence, stalking and having my whole identity (or what I thought) taken away from me. 

Hey, I’m Jaci. 


In case we haven’t met, I’m a Certified Energy, Trauma, Transformation and Mindset Coach. 


I spent 20 years suppressing my trauma, which continued to build up through more incidents, until one day I couldn’t go on anymore. 


I had built so many subconscious patterns that led me to live a mediocre life where I didn’t feel good enough, pretended to be someone I wasn’t and ultimately wasn’t happy and didn’t love, or even like myself. 


Then one day I arrived at a crossroad where I had two options: 

  1. End my life because the pain I was carrying was too great a burden for me to carry anymore, or

  2. Face my trauma and heal in order to truly live. 


In that moment I made the decision to change my life. I wanted to turn my rock bottom into a life I was proud of. 


Which is exactly what I’ve done. 


My personal and professional experiences have led me to be an expert in trauma and supporting humans who have experienced trauma. 


For the past 12 years I have worked within the trauma field. First as a Police Officer for 7.5 years, then as an Investigation & Risk Assessment Specialist for 3 years, and now a Life Coach (supporting humans who have experienced trauma) for 4.5 years. 


Along with the countless courses and trainings I’ve undertaken (happy to share if you want to know more), I also have the lived experience of what it is to truly heal and release my trauma so that I’m able to live my life as I choose. 


With a very trauma informed approach, it is my absolute privilege to support other humans move beyond their trauma to live life on their terms, in a way that works for them. 

I am so excited to bring a fresh, new way of supporting humans to move beyond their trauma, in a way that I’ve never seen done before



A group circle experience that supports you to truly let go of your unsupportive and limiting patterns and thoughts so that you can show up in the world as your most glorious, unapologetic self. 


This is a space for you to enter where you can be your whole, honest and truthful self. 


It is a space that is free of judgement and a whole lotta love and compassion for you and your lived experiences. 


By the end of our time together you’ll have a deeper understanding of what is holding you back, how it is limiting you and have steps to take that will support you to break through these limitations. 


You’ll also walk away knowing that you have finally found a space where you can just be yourself, without feeling like you have to be someone else in order to be accepted. 


Take a moment and think about how much of a relief that would be. Maybe even allow yourself to exhale and relax, knowing that you get to just be you. To share what’s on your heart. To speak your truth (possibly for the first time ever). 


Imagine how much of a relief that would be. 


It is also SUPER accessible. This is such a low, safe investment for you to make in order to get supported in the way you’ve been looking for. 

You are wanted and needed Just. As. You. Are! 

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​✔️ You are really ready to get curious about your experiences and how they continue to impact you 


✔️ You are ready to stretch and challenge your subconscious thoughts and behaviours in order to create a new way of living 


✔️ You’re ready to shift and change your unhealthy patterns of behaviour 


✔️ You are able to talk about your experience without reliving it, getting stuck in it or retraumatising yourself


✔️ You have self awareness and are able to take responsibility for yourself and your actions


✔️ You’re ready to move beyond behaviours and beliefs caused by your experiences and into a more liberated, confident way of being in the world. 

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❌ You struggle to get out of bed because of depression or your experiences


❌ All you want to talk about is the details of your experiences in the past and not focus on the present or the future


❌ You aren’t prepared to get curious or talk about your experiences to others


❌ You don’t want to be asked questions or receive someone else’s perspective or suggestions 


❌ You get angry or frustrated with anyone who asks you to think deeper and do some self reflection 


❌ You don’t want to be stretched or challenged in anyway


❌ You aren’t prepared to be supported by others or support yourself

I am not a psychologist and have very clear boundaries on my scope of work. I will not enter into conversations that are outside my scope, which includes those points made above. If you are unsure, please message me and we can chat about whether this is for you or not. 

What’s included: 

We will gather for 90-120 minutes to have deep, juicy and transformative conversations about whatever you need and want support with. 


There will be some questions posed at the start of our call to support you to dive a little deeper, which is perfect if you’ve never experienced anything like this before. 


You will be held, seen, witnessed and celebrated by everyone in the space. 


This is a private and confidential space that is not to be discussed outside our space together. 




Group Circle: $35 AUD


Upgrade: $185 AUD

This includes the Group Circle & 1x 60 minute 1:1 coaching call:


WHEN: Sunday 11th February, 9-11am AEDT



This call will be recorded. However, it will only be sent to those who participate live in the event. If you sign up but do not attend, you will not receive the recording. 

The reason for this is to ensure I am not breaching anyone’s privacy or confidentiality and ensuring those prepared to show up live feel comfortable doing so. 

I know that the idea of speaking about yourself and your experiences can be petrifying, but if this is for you, you’ll also be feeling a little tingly sensation of excitement at the prospect of “What if this actually works?!”


Deep down, you KNOW things need to change to reach the state of joy, happiness, liberation and freedom you’ve been craving. 


This is for you if you’re ready to say “Enough now! There is more for me and I’m ready for what’s next!” 


Once you’re prepared to embrace the unknown everything changes!

  • When do we start?
    Unshakable Mindset officially kicks off on Monday 23rd August. This is when everything you need for your first module will be released. From then on, a new module will be released every Monday for the following 5 weeks.
  • I have a business (or I’m planning on launching one soon). Is this for me?
    While Unshakable Mindset isn’t a business only course, I know for sure that there are mindset hurdles that show up when running a business, and if you really want to show up confidently in your business and your life, this is the perfect place for you. Everything that is shared is translatable from personal to business life.
  • I don't have a business. is this for me?
    YES! Absolutely it is. Whether you’re a mum, work in corporate, work in emergency services, are currently soul searching to find what’s next or at any other stage of your life, Unshakable Mindset is for you. I mastered my mindset well before I started my business, back before I knew I was a Game Changer. Back when I just knew I was stuck and wanted a better life for myself. I’ve created this for you, so you can create the life filled with confidence and passion.
  • What are the payment options?
    There are 2 payment options. You can either pay upfront or fortnightly over 6 weeks. If you choose to pay fortnightly, the same amount will be deducted from your account each fortnight. If you choose to pay upfront, you’ll receive a discount.
  • How do I access the modules?
    I use Podia as my course platform. Once you’re registered, you’ll be added to the program and will start to receive everything you need on the 23rd August.
  • How much time do I need to give this?
    This program is designed to go at your own pace. You will see amazing results by allocating 1-2 hours of your time each week to watch and complete the content. Some weeks you might spend more time integrating what you’ve learnt, but this certainly won’t be a chor
  • What happens after I join?
    Once you join, you'll receive an email with all of the information you need before the program kicks off on August 23rd.
  • I have another question...
    No worries! Send an email to or send me a DM on Insta - @jaci.rogash

We acknowledge the Warrandjuri people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional owners of the land where Jaci Rogash Coaching is owned and primarily operated from. We pay our deepest respect to Elders - past, present and emerging

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