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You might read this and think “This chick’s full of shit” or maybe you think I’m just using some buzzwords to get you to sign up to something where I’m going to spend 60 minutes selling you something completely different.  


I get it. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? 


Well, it’s my pleasure to let you know that: 

a/ it is not too good to be true, this can be your reality and 

b/ this masterclass is dedicated to you and your happiness (not me selling you some false dream). 


I know that everyone wants to feel good. 


I also know that *feeling good* can often feel like a distant dream. 


It’s something we want, but with everything going on around us and everything we’ve been through, is it even possible to feel good all the time? 


Well, life sometimes throws us curve balls, meaning that, No, we don’t feel good ALL the time, but it is absolutely possible to feel good within yourself and your life. 


And that, my friend, is EXCITING! 


You feel like you’re always going to doubt yourself because of what people have told you in the past. Things like “You don’t deserve that”, “You’re not good enough”, “happiness is only for successful and rich people” and all those other bullshit stories that feel SO real to us.


You compare yourself to other people on instagram and think “I wish I could have their life” or “I wish I could be as happy as them”


You realise that most people around you always seem to have some negativity in their life, they love drama, or they put other people down constantly - and you’re exhausted by it


You question if you’ll ever have supportive relationships with people who truly accept you for who you are


If I was to ask you what you really want for yourself, you’d say “Just to be happy”.

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Basically, there are elements of your life that just don’t make you feel good, and you’re ready to step away from that and shift gears - out of the feel like shit constantly, and into the feel good zone. 

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What feeling good means to YOU

What’s stopping you from feeling good

What steps you can take to start to feel good

Rather than worrying about whether you feel as good as someone else, or if the physical items in your life are making you happy, you’re going to walk away from this masterclass with a really clear understanding and connection to what YOU want, along with what you need to change, implement, create or do to bring that reality to life. 


Let’s say, for example, you really love getting outdoors and going for walks as a way to feel good. But when you get home from work you find yourself getting consumed by household chores and watching too much Netflix. 


Or perhaps you know how peaceful you feel after listening to your favourite guided meditation or  audiobook.  But you find yourself scrolling social media, left feeling anything but amazing.


We've all got ways that we can upgrade into feeling GOOD.


Whatever it is for you, you will leave this masterclass with a clear vision of the easy to action steps you need to take to ensure you’re filling up your cup, doing what makes you feel good AND making sure you’re on top of everything else.

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When: Wednesday 23rd August 

Time: 7:30pm AEST

Where: Zoom (You’ll be sent the link closer to the date)

By attending LIVE and getting involved in the masterclass, you will have the chance to win a FREE 60 minute 1:1 with me. You’ll also have the opportunity to be coached and supported by me during the masterclass. 

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Have you been part of my workshops or masterclasses before? If you have, you’ll know that I don’t muck around when it comes to delivering easy to understand, actionable and practical advice (in a short amount of time because I know how busy you are). 

This workshop will give you tools to deepen your connection to joy that you can keep coming back to, so I’ve created a bonus workbook for you to make notes in and refer back to whenever you need. 

You MUST be registered to join the workshop and receive the workbook. 

Hey there, I'm Jaci!


If we haven't already met, I'm an Award Winning Transformation, Mindset & Energy Coach for Wounded Warriors.


I work with the big hearted women who have experienced trauma or adversity in the past and their wounds still run deep. I support them as they can connect with their Inner Warrior and reignite their internal flame so they are able to move beyond their internal blocks and create a life where nothing can get in their way.

As a wounded warrior myself, I know how judgemental we can become of our own thoughts, feelings and emotions and how much we try to hide of blend in to our surroundings. I also know how completely liberating it is when we do embrace our emotions, honouring the challenges that can arise when we embark on this journey. 


I’ve let go of trying to be anything other than what and who I am and it ABSOLUTELY LIGHTS ME UP when I’m able to support women to move past the barriers and blocks holding them back so they can do exactly the same.


Can’t make the live workshop? No worries, you’ll get sent a copy of the replay. 

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We acknowledge the Warrandjuri people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional owners of the land where Jaci Rogash Coaching is owned and primarily operated from. We pay our deepest respect to Elders - past, present and emerging

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