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A FREE 3-Day training to support you to make aligned decisions when everything in life feels a little bit (or a LOT) hard. I’ll take you through a process of both emotional and logical decision making which will support you to connect to your internal world when your external world makes no sense (hello the reality of living in a pandemic).

This FREE Training is for you if…

✨ You struggle to make decisions because you’re worried about making the *wrong* one

✨ You constantly look to other people or resources to tell you what to do, because it’s so much easier when someone tells you what to do right

✨ You feel like even the smallest decisions are as tough as climbing Mount Everest

✨ You are ready to make decisions, set a vision and take action and step away from feeling like everything in life is just too *hard*

✨ You want to feel like you are in control of your life, rather than being controlled by the chaos that's happening in the world right now

Have you been part of my challenges or trainings before? If you have, you’ll know that I don’t muck around when it comes to delivering easy to understand, actionable and practical advice (in a short amount of time because I know how busy you are). 

This challenge will give you tools you can keep coming back to, so I’ve created a bonus workbook for you to make notes in and refer back to whenever you need.

You MUST be registered to receive the workbook.

Just because the world is having a hard time right now, doesn’t mean that you have to as well. If you’re seriously ready to take back control of your life and be able to tune in and trust your intuition that you know what is best for you, then this training is for you.

During this training, we are going to dive into 3 tools that support me to always make decisions that are most aligned to me and my values. By using these strategies, I am able to fully support myself when making decisions or setting a new vision and trust that they are right (no matter what anyone else says). In fact, they’re so simple you’ll be able to implement them IMMEDIATELY

DAY 1: Emotional Decision Making


Monday 27th September 7pm AEST

This is a step by step process that will support you to determine if your decision or vision is a F-YES! And if it’s not, you’ll understand why now might not be the right time to take action. 

DAY 2: Logical Decision Making


Tuesday 28th September 6pm AEST

One thing I know for sure is that if you want to move forward with a decision or vision you need to take action! I also know that knowing what action to take can be the hardest part, which is why I’m going to share with you the easiest way to determine what the next step for you is. 

DAY 3: Connecting To Your Internal World (Zoom Workshop)


Wednesday 29th September 7pm AEST

For our final day, I’m going to host a live Workshop over on Zoom. I’m going to take you through a process that allows you to tune in to your internal world when your external world feels chaotic. You will then have the opportunity to be coached by me, which is something I very rarely offer for free trainings. 

In this free training, you will learn...


Hi, I’m Jaci! I’m a Transformation & Mindset Coach for Game Changers. The big hearted humans who are intelligent, motivated, self-aware, have so much love to give and are determined to create the best life for themselves and those around them. The thing that stops them is the trauma they’ve experienced in the past that still impacts their life today. 

These game changers are ready to build better relationships (with themselves and others), change their internal dialogue and break through the barriers that are holding them back from achieving their dream life and a happiness they definitely deserve.

Along with my own lived experiences, I’ve spent the last 11 years working in trauma informed roles and am a Certified Coach, which has given me so many invaluable tools that allow me to deeply support my clients move from fear to deep self-trust. 

I live in Melbourne with my partner Chris, our furbaby Billie Cat (she’s a cat) and am currently growing a little human of our own. If I’m not spending my time supporting my unicorn clients (who I absolutely adore) you’ll find me at the gym, adventuring outside or having dinner with loved ones.


Want to win a free 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with me to help you get crystal clear on your next decision or vision? 

Join me LIVE for each day of the challenge and engage in the post-live actions for your chance to WIN!

Can't attend the lives? No stress beauty, we'll send you the replays.




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