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Your Opportunity to Work for Jaci Rogash HQ

I am looking for an absolute legend (VA / OBM) to join my team to help me serve my community and support women to women transform their lives. 

The newest member of my team will have experience with and love:

 ✨ Scheduling social media content

 ✨ All things back-end - website updates, email funnels and automations - all the fiddly work that makes a HUGE difference in the business!

✨ Getting creative and doing simple Canva (or Indesign) designs for social posts, landing pages, workbooks and more


Are you reading this and thinking… “This is what I do everyday and I fucking love it!”? Then stick with me...


I’m seeking someone who:

  Is super organised and loves ‘getting shit done’

 Has initiative and takes ownership of their work

 Enjoys helping people and genuinely loves supporting coaches

 ✔ Has superman vision when it comes to attention to detail 

 Loves learning new things and also loves teaching other people new things


My job is to support incredible humans as they overcome their personal obstacles and mindset blocks. In order for me to help as many people as I can, I need your help so I can fully show up for these peeps and grow the business.


I’m seeking someone who is already working as a VA / OBM and is able to help me for 3-5 hours a week, keeping in mind there is absolutely room for this position to evolve and grow with the biz.


To Apply...

Click the button below (or email me at and tell me WHY you are the legend I need in my life and my biz and HOW you will show up in my business to create more space for me to serve my incredible clients. 


 * Bonus points if you love sarcasm, have a dry sense of humor and love animals!

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