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Inner Warrior Connection Pack

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Indoor Yoga

Do you ever feel like you’re lacking connection with yourself? 


Like there’s more to explore, to see, to sense, to know - but you can’t seem to figure out what it is? 


Or maybe you hear people say, “Trust your intuition” and you sit there wondering how the hell you’re meant to do that. 


This takes time and practice, but sometimes we are also held back by our limitations, and until we move through our limitations we are unable to connect with the message that lies beneath, the message from your Inner Warrior.

We all have an inner warrior, the ‘you’ when you remove all limitations, restrictions, fears and hesitations. 


Your Inner Warrior is the most authentic, calm and confident version of yourself, and your warrior is here to support you ALWAYS. 


The reason it can be challenging to connect with our inner warrior is because of our conditioning, limiting beliefs, the way we’ve been moulded by society and because we don’t allow ourselves the time and space to tune in and connect. 


Which is exactly why I’ve created: 


The Inner Warrior Connection Pack


This two part meditation pack (plus workbook) will support you to uncover your limitations and truly connect with your inner wisdom.

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I know what it’s like trying to find the *right* meditations… the ones that will allow you to connect with and find the answers you’re looking for. For me, some people’s voices annoy me, or the music doesn’t fit, or they kind of fluff around what it is I’m searching for and it is super frustrating. 


I have also seen in my clients how they are able to connect with their own inner warrior, their own brilliance, when they are given the space, free of limitations. 


Which is why I created TWO meditations for you! 


I wanted to create a tool that allowed people to both uncover and move through their limitations, but also tap in and connect with their inner warrior.

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  > Limitations Meditation

  > Connect with Your Inner Warrior Meditation 

  > Workbook

There is only one person who truly knows what the right path is for you, what you secretly want, the hidden message your intuition is trying to tell you… With all the noise in the world right now, now is the time to tune in and connect with your inner warrior. 


It’s time to claim your potential and potent power and connect with who you are. 


It’s time to uncover the divine and magical wisdom that your inner warrior has to share with you.

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