Jaci Rogash 

Screw just 'getting through life'

You deserve to  Thrive

That sounds nice in theory, right? 


But when you think of all the shit you’ve gone through to get to this point in your life, you just feel exhausted.


Because let’s face it...you’re no stranger to the challenges and shit shows that life has handed you so far.


It has NOT been a walk in the park.

Your reality does NOT feel like you’re living a fairytale!


So when you see other people talking about how much they LOVE their lives, you want to call bullshit. After all, is it really possible to wake up every day feeling full to the brim and ready to bounce into your day? Is it really a ‘thing’ to feel love and connection between everyone around you?...Really?!


Surely that’s just for people that already have more than you... more money, more time and more loved ones in their life that have their back no matter what.


In fact, when you think about your life at the moment - your relationships, your day-to-day, the world around you and your place in it - you feel disconnected, confused, anxious and frustrated.


Is this what it’s always going to feel like?


Is this going to be my reality forever?


You’ve tried to make some positive changes before. You've picked up some books and maybe even listened to a few podcasts to 'help' you move forward.


But when you apply new ideas to your own life it feels like you’re playing a game of snakes and ladders — one step forward always seems to land you 10 squares back.


In the end, it only leaves you feeling more helpless. 



Still, you hear that quiet voice say

“there's gotta be something more for me...right?!”


Any of this sound familiar?


I know it does, because I’ve been exactly where you are... and let me tell you beauty, it's time to 'take back your life'.

It's time to take back your life!

I work with strong, independent women to help them

overcome the hard, painful things from their pasts so

they can break free from how it affects their every day

lives and finally get clear on how they can start living

their best life. 

And the reason my work is so effective is because I’ve been through it too.

Four years ago, my life looked VERY different to what you see now.

I was struggling with everything that was happening to me, and to make things worse, I felt like I had no control over how I reacted to situations.

It all came to a head when I realised I’d lost my career as a police officer - which had become whole identity.

I had a complete and utter meltdown.


My rock-bottom looked like sitting in the corner of my kitchen floor, with a knife to my wrist, trying to figure out the most considerate way to end my life...  

I was done with life being so fucking hard.























Transformation coach,

writer, speaker, active-wear

extraordinaire and country

girl at heart.

Hi, I’m Jaci.

It was at that point that I knew something had to change. 

I knew that something was me. How was I going to change - I had no clue.

All I knew was that I wanted and needed *more* for myself.

I was sick of dealing with the same old shit that only dug me deeper and deeper into my rut. Things like—

     ...worrying about other people thought or said about me

     ...listening to the voice in my head telling me that I couldn’t change and that I wasn’t good enough to have what I want

     ...constantly self-sabotaging my life whenever I seemed to be making progress

     ...feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and constantly having stress in my life

I spent years working on myself to finally overcome my negative self-talk, build better relationships (with myself and those around me),  and start believing in myself. And during the process, I discovered a genuine happiness I never thought was possible.  

I decided to learn how to help others create this for themselves, and completed my formal coaching training from the best in the world.

These days, nothing lights me up more than helping my clients start to see how incredible they are, and help them realise that life doesn’t have to be so god damn hard

It’s true: you can’t control everything in life. Sometimes everything goes to shit (sometimes it has to).


I’ve also learnt that 

  • Resilience can be built

  • Your past can *actually* make you stronger, and

  • We have the ability to not just react to what’s going on around us, but to respond in a way that feels really good.


I know you can make these true for you too.


I want to help you build a life where you actually feel good about yourself and wake up happy and excited to start your day.

That’s why I’ve designed the program I wish *I* had 4 years ago. Because I want to provide you with the tools, strategies and skills to take back control of your life and thrive.

“When I decided to say yes to coaching, I was doubting myself in social situations and wasn’t sure how to move forward to where I wanted to be in life. My biggest goal was to change my mindset and start believing in myself.

Jaci helped me realise that anything is possible, that there are so many opportunities available to me and I can achieve them. I now have the confidence to talk to new people, speak up when I have something to say at work and know I am deserving of everything I want.

While working with Jaci, I got a promotion and decided to travel to the other side of the world by myself, which is something I never thought I’d do. My family have also noticed I’m a lot calmer.

If you are thinking of working with Jaci, do it! If you have areas of your life that need work, and you want to improve your life, Jaci will motivate you and help you look at things from a different perspective, meaning you walk away with amazing results. Coaching is absolutely worth it.”

  Ebony Simmons


Radical Transformation


A 5-week immersion to reconnect to you, reprioritize your life 

and thrive with more confidence than ever before. 

Radical Transformation isn’t just a group coaching program it's a journey. 



Over 5 incredible weeks, you’ll heal the tough experiences in your past that have been keeping you stuck, and finally uncover the kind of life you deserve to be living.


After spending half my life living in a reality that I didn’t love and feeling like I could never achieve what I wanted, I know that this program makes it absolutely possible to overcome your self-doubt and negativity so that you can live the life you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

I’m talkin about the kind of life where...


       The things that hurt you in the past and hold you back, no longer bother you

       Life no longer feels like a battleground – it feels like a playground!

       You wake up happy and feel good about yourself both physically and mentally

       You know that you’re capable and deserving of everything you want in life

       The relationships in your life are awesome

       You’re able to completely be yourself, and no longer care about what other people think of you

       You love the person you are, you love your life and finally feel genuinely happy.

       You’re able to let go of a lot of pain, anger, and frustration and replace them with feelings of inner peace and strength

       You can see the road ahead of you and know that you have the tools to create the life you choose


This 5 week program includes actionable steps to get you back on track in the key areas that will transform how you feel about yourself, your future and the world around you.

During our 5 weeks together, you’ll…

    Understand how to reconnect with yourself (as well as what ‘reconnecting with yourself’ even looks like)

  ✔  Finally *get* that there really are no limits to what’s possible for you (instead of hearing that and thinking “maybe for             someone else…”)

  ✔  Challenge and stretch yourself while being cheered on and supported every step of the way (because everything in               your past has equipped you with what you need to tackle the ‘work’ of what’s inside.

  ✔  Have a better understanding of what you want to do with your life and how you’re going to do it

  ✔  Be confident in your ability to handle any situation

  ✔  Learn what inner strength truly means to you

From day 1, this program will help you get your sh*t together and believe in yourself long enough to make meaningful change in your life. 

This incredible jam-packed, 5-week immersion includes:

   + 5 x weekly module training's to expand your mind on the ways in which you can transform your life

   + 5 x weekly group coaching calls to ask me questions and be coached by me on your unique circumstances 

   + Workbooks for you to take notes and complete the actions each week to help you move forward (and to keep as                   reference points forevermore!)

   + A private Facebook Group where you will have personalised support from me, as well as the amazing women who will        be joining you for the training. 


Week 1 is all about what’s going on in your life today that’s brought you here.

You’ll do a stocktake of your life, find out what you love about your life, what’s not so hot and what you secretly want to create for yourself instead (plus the process that will help you uncover what this really is!). 

We also dive into some juicy questions to get you thinking a little different to what you’re used to about everything going on around you.



This part of the program we dig into things that will help you finally make lasting changes.

You know those negative, nasty things you say to yourself all the time that to you, seem like facts? 

Familiar with that self-doubt that creeps in and takes over whenever you attempt to make a change for the better? 

This week we look at WHY you talk to yourself the way you do. Then you’ll learn how to stop it so you can pave a different path and begin to build self-beliefs that supercharge your ability to create a life you love.




The big ‘aha’ moments that have been hitting home since week 1 only pick up speed here in week 3!


You’ll discover what the 6 human needs are before getting *real* insight into how they’re calling the shots in your life here and now.

Once you get clear on the human needs that have been shaping your life up until this point, you’ll then work out what 'needs' of yours have to be reprioritized in order to transform your life. 


By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear view of the direction your life’s going to take from here 




This module covers the relationships you have with the people around you but it goes way beyond that too: it dives into the relationship you have with yourself.

That’s right! If you want incredible relationships with the people around you and a life filled with love, it starts with the relationship you have with yourself. 

This module helps you open up and allow yourself to be completely honest with yourself. By the end of this work, you’ll experience a huge change to the way you look at yourself, the relationships in your life right now, and what you want your relationships to look like in the future. 



With all the life-shifting, world-shaking work you’ve done in modules 1-4, now it’s time to find your purpose, discover what lights you up from the inside and how to fuel that passion. (yeah… no biggie!)

AND of course it’s time to celebrate! We’re going to reflect on everything you’ve learnt, your new way of thinking and being, review the strategies you’ve created and be bloody proud of how much you have achieved in the last month.


You’ll feel like a changed person by the end of these 5 incredible weeks, and that’s worth taking a moment for!

All up, you receive:

  ✔  A jam-packed 5-week group coaching series to help you transform your life

  ✔  5 x module workshops (live and replay – so no problem if you can’t make the live training)

  ✔  5 x module workbooks to help implement what you’ve learnt, and for you to come back to whenever you need 

  ✔  5 x group coaching calls 

  ✔  A Private Facebook community with access to me, live coaching and community support from other amazing           women just like you

Total Value: Over $1,500

I know you’ve been feeling the need to make changes in your life for a while now, and I want you to know —


This is where you start.


NOW is the time to say yes to you, yes to your happiness and yes to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s time to rediscover who you are, what you want and finally transform your life.




$499 AUD

One time payment

5 x module workshops (live and replay – so no problem if you can’t make the live training)

5 x module workbooks to help implement what you’ve learnt, and for you to come back to whenever you need 

5 x group coaching calls 

A Private Facebook community with access to Jaci, live coaching and community support from other amazing women just like you

Total Value: Over $1,500


3 x $179 AUD

Fortnightly Payments

5 x module workshops (live and replay – so no problem if you can’t make the live training)

5 x module workbooks to help implement what you’ve learnt, and for you to come back to whenever you need 

5 x group coaching calls 

A Private Facebook community with access to Jaci, live coaching and community support from other amazing women just like you

Total Value: Over $1,500

As well as my experience coaching clients to overcome shit things from their past, discover what’s most important to them and finally create the life they deserve, I bring along my professional training as a certified coach to help you achieve real results from our 5 weeks together.​

“When I started looking into coaching, I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, was struggling with things I couldn’t control and my reactions to situations. Jaci believed in me, encouraged me and really supported me which made me feel like I could finally work on my happiness again.

Jaci is inspiring, beautiful, caring, loving, gentle but strong and supportive. She opens up about herself and shows her vulnerability which allowed me to trust and open up about my life and fears. There were tough moments and it was hard, but by taking the time to work on myself I noticed huge changes.

I no longer try and control everything in my life, I respond to difficult situations better and the relationship with my husband has improved which means we are communicating better than ever. My boss has also noticed a huge change in me and loves my positivity.

If you’ve ever thought about coaching, definitely do it! Jaci is an amazing coach and you feel safe and empowered to make changes in your life.

Tejana Abbott

Questions women like you have asked before joining a group coaching program for the first time...



“When do we start?”

We kick off on Monday 30th March 2020 when the first module (i.e - your first workbook) will be released. From that week onwards for the next 5 weeks, we’ll have group coaching calls every Thursday evening.

(Note: If all members of the group would prefer a later time, this can be discussed after we start) 

“What if I can’t make the live coaching calls?”

If you already know that you won’t be able to attend any of the weekly group coaching calls on Thursdays, then you won't get the full experience of the program and it may not be for you. But if you know you can make most of them but miss one or two, then this is absolutely for you!! You’ll have access to the replay of the coaching sessions within 24 hours. 

“What happens on the group coaching calls?”

Magic! Inside the group coaching calls is where all the magic happens. 

During the group calls, everyone has an opportunity to chat about what came up for them during the week, an area they want to dive further into, or anything else they want help with on the night. While I completely understand that it might feel daunting to talk about personal things in front of 'strangers', let me assure you that this is a safe space. You will be completely supported, respected, seen and cheered on by everyone in the group. There will be no judgement, there is no 'stupid' question, there is no wrong or now right. This is your journey.

The beauty of group coaching is that you learn SO much more listening to other people than if it was just you and I. 

“What happens after I sign up?”

You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the dates and times of each module and group coaching call. 

“How do I know this will actually work for me?”

I’ll be real with you. This program isn’t for everyone, especially if:

   - You’re not able to get out of bed most days

   - You expect to get results without showing up and doing the work

   - You're expecting a 'quick fix' or 'miracle cure' fix to all your problems


On the other hand, this is the perfect place to be, even if:

   - You’re no stranger to anxiety and depression 

   - You’ve tried to make a change in your life before and it hasn’t worked

   - ‘Being open’ doesn’t necessarily come naturally and easily to you

   - You’re feeling self-doubt around whether you’re ‘too stuck’ for this to still be effective


At the end of the day,  if you’re willing to attend the calls and sit down with your workbook each week, I know you’ll experience life-changing results. That’s the power of this program. I can promise you that. 


“I have another question.”

No problem – send an email to jaci@jacirogash.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

“I didn’t know anything about life coaching before and didn’t think it would work, but I was so wrong.

When I began coaching with Jaci, I had very low self-esteem and lacked motivation, which made my life miserable. 

By the end of the coaching series with Jaci, I felt confident and I didn’t care what other people said. But the biggest change would be that I now look in the mirror and say to myself “Wow. That is me and I love what I see”.

It’s been an absolutely life-changing experience.”


Bella Hunt

Pssst..I see you there


You’ve made it here to the bottom of the page and you’re still reading (Cool! I do that too.)

That fact that you’ve stuck around tells me that a couple of things might be going on for you right now:

  1. You’ve been reading along and thinking, “Damn! Can this person read my mind? This sounds like it was made for me!”, which leads you to think…

  2. “Shit, am I ready for this?" The thought of joining is stirring up a bit (ok — a lot) of fear.


I want to let you know: that’s totally normal, you’re in the right place and I've got you.


It’s ok to feel scared. Let’s face it — changing your life is scary. It means...CHANGE. And that always feels like a pretty big deal, doesn’t it?


But I want to offer you these words of wisdom (which I’m sure you’d come across if you spent enough time scrolling quotes on Instagram…) 

If you want to live a life you've never lived, you have to do things you've never done.

That life you dream of for yourself, deep down (even if your not totally sure what it looks like)— it is *SO* possible for you.


So if you want to


 ✔ stop feeling stuck in self-doubt

 ✔ break free from the negative thoughts, feelings and experiences that seem to follow you everywhere, and


 ✔ move forward in your life with more ease, power and joy...


I know Radical Transformation can get you there.


You’ve made it through so much in your life already. 


You’ve got more strength and resilience than you realise.


You’re a badass and you've got this!!


Even if you’re struggling to believe in yourself and your ability to get results that stick, start with knowing this: I believe in you and I'm here to support you.


The choice is yours to make. I hope I see you inside.



$499 AUD

One time payment

5 x module workshops (live and replay – so no problem if you can’t make the live training)

5 x module workbooks to help implement what you’ve learnt, and for you to come back to whenever you need 

5 x group coaching calls 

A Private Facebook community with access to Jaci, live coaching and community support from other amazing women just like you

Total Value: Over $1,500


3 x $179 AUD

Fortnightly Payments

5 x module workshops (live and replay – so no problem if you can’t make the live training)

5 x module workbooks to help implement what you’ve learnt, and for you to come back to whenever you need 

5 x group coaching calls 

A Private Facebook community with access to Jaci, live coaching and community support from other amazing women just like you

Total Value: Over $1,500

JOIN   Radical Transformation