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“You *MUST* do this morning routine.”

“Just be positive! You choose how you feel. Do *this*!

“Now is not the time to be negative.” 🤬

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve noticed a number of people telling us what we *should be doing*.

I’m generally a fairly positive person, but I will never force positivity on anyone… and at a time like this, people showing toxic positivity is really starting to piss me off.

If people want to sit in their bubble pretending nothing is happened, pretending covid-19 isn't impacting people, pretending they *know* what’s going on, pretending life is *fine* and we just need to stay “positive” – go for it. But don’t push your agenda onto me, or anyone else for that matter.

My emotions come and go like waves at the moment.

One day I’m awesome, the next day I’m anxious.

One day I’m flat and the next I’m full of energy.

Coronavirus is going to impact all of us differently, and how we are feeling will vary depending on what information we are consuming, who we are spending time with (virtually of course) and how we are choosing to take care of ourselves.

I completely get that everyone is different. Everyone has a different way of looking after themselves and a different way of dealing with adversity.

I have a pretty solid morning routine, but it changes each day.

I usually:

✨ Journal




But some days I might exercise before I journal.

I might have a lazy morning and do nothing (other than work obvs).

I might meditate in the middle of the day or at night.

I might get up and do some work / study straight away – because that’s what feels good to me.

What I’m actually *LOVING* about life right now, is that I get to choose what I want to do. I get to choose what my morning routine looks like. I get to choose if I exercise in the morning, at lunchtime or at night. I get to choose if I spend the day getting creative, or if I sit in front of the TV.

Self-care looks different to absolutely everyone.

I know that my morning routine would make some people cringe! And that’s ok! It's better than ok - it's great, because it means those people know what works for them and what doesn't.

I’m all for offering suggestions and tips of *things* that have, and do, help me when it comes to self-care, personal development and growth, if I think it might help you. But I’ll never force it down your throat.

If you’re going to implement something in your life, it needs to feel good to you.

What’s the point of meditating if you just get more agitated?

What’s the point of journaling if you hate writing!

There isn't a point. It's a waste of time and it makes no sense.

I am also a HUGE fan of learning different bits and pieces from different people. If someone does something I love, I might implement that into my life. But they might do something else that doesn’t feel good to me, so I won’t do it. Life is a huge lesson, and in my opinion, the more people you learn from, the more knowledgeable you are – especially when it comes to what makes YOU feel good.

So, my advice to you (and it's your choice to listen to me or not) is... if someone is *shouting* at you, telling you what to do, and making you feel like shit…. Put some boundaries in place. If they’re on social media, unfollow or mute them. If you have to talk to them regularly, don’t be afraid to tell them how their comments make you feel. But be nice, thye chances are, they don’t even know they’re upsetting you. They're probably just trying to help the best way they know how.

Spend this time getting to know yourself.

Get to know what makes you feel really good, and the stuff that doesn’t make you feel great.

Get to know what makes you laugh.

Allow yourself to cry, or vent, or yell or whatever you feel like – and get curious about why you’re feeling that way.

And most importantly – don’t feel like you HAVE to do anything just because someone else tells you to.

If this piece struck a chord with what you're feeling right now, I'd love to hear from you!

AND - I'd also love to hear your *hot tips* for self-care.

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